NextSeq 550


The NextSeq 550 System delivers the power of high-throughput sequencing with the speed, simplicity, and affordability of a benchtop next-generation sequencing (NGS) system. The NextSeq 550 System fits into research laboratories, without need for specialized equipment. Perform many combinations of high- and mid-throughput sequencing applications to advance your studies.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Platform with Onboard Cluster Generation, Sequencing, Bead Chip Array Scanning and Data Analysis.
  • Push Button Simplicity and affordability.
  • Simple Load & Go Reagents.
  • Mid & High Output Flow Cells.
  • Variable Data Output Flow Cells.
  • Variable Data Output from 20-120Gb.
  • Maximum reads per run- 400 million reads.
  • Run Time: 12-30 hrs.
  • Operates in three different read lengths of 1 X75bp, 2X75bp and 2X150bp.
  • Ability to run cytogenetic arrays.

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Application areas

  • Large Whole-Genome Sequencing (human, plant, animal),
  • Small Whole-Genome Sequencing (microbe, virus),
  • Exome Sequencing,
  • Targeted Gene Sequencing (amplicon, gene panel),
  • Whole-Transcriptome Sequencing,
  • Gene Expression Profiling with mRNA-Seq,
  • miRNA& Small RNA Analysis,
  • DNA-Protein Interaction Analysis,
  • Methylation Sequencing,
  • Shotgun Metagenomics

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