The smallest, most affordable Illumina sequencing system delivers fast and efficient lowthroughput sequencing for virtually any lab.

  • Rapid Data Generation Run smaller projects on a dedicated, low-throughput instrument with fast turnaround times
  • Convenient Library Quality and Proof-of-Principle Testing Evaluate library quality before large runs, perform pilot studies, or generate grant submission data
  • Independent, Convenient Operations Control the sequencing process from beginning to end and maintain an independent sequencing schedule instead of outsourcing
  • High Analytical Sensitivity and Exceptional Data Accuracy Leverage higher analytical sensitivity forthe detection of rare variants and transcripts compared to qPCR orSanger sequencing1,2

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Application areas

Small Whole-Genome Sequencing (microbe, virus), Targeted Gene Sequencing (amplicon, gene panel), Targeted Gene Expression Profiling, Long-Range Amplicon Sequencing*, miRNA & Small RNA Analysis.

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