RNA Insitu hybridizationfor detection of target RNA within intact cells.

The assay represents a major advance in RNA ISH approaches, with its proprietary probe design that simultaneously amplify target-specific signals and suppress background noise from non-specific hybridization. Known for its sensitivity and specificity, RNAscope® ISH is now a proven technology that has been featured in over 850 publications across a multitude of research areas. ACD offers both comprehensive Pharma assay Services and Products for the assay to be conducted in research labs: kits, accessories and catalog probes for over 15,000 targets in over 140 species.

  • New multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization technology based on ACD’s (Advanced Cell Diagnostics Inc., Hayward, CA) unique probe design and signal amplification methodology
  • An alternative to conventional ISH/FISH in situ RNA detection
  • Provides the opportunity to profile single-cell gene expression in situ with single-molecule detection sensitivity, unlocking the full potential of RNA biomarkers.

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