BaseScope™ DuplexAssay

Discern cell type-specific gene editing with the BaseScope™ Duplex Assay. CRISPR-mediated gene editing was detected in hepatocytes but not in the central vein (CV) using BaseScope™ Duplex probes for the WT (green) or Edited (red) sequences.

  • This assay can be used for simultaneous visualization of two RNA targets while maintaining single-cell resolution.
  • One major application for the BaseScope™ Duplex Assay is to identify gene edits in specific cell populations by duplexing RNA ISH cell marker probes and edit-specific probes.
  • The BaseScope™ Duplex assay can discern if the CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutation is mono- or bi-allelic with duplex of WT and edited probes.

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