Clarity™ Digital PCR

Digital PCR, also known as next-generation PCR, is a powerful new technique for detecting DNA with extremely high sensitivity and precision. It works by partitioning a typical PCR reaction into thousands of nanolitre sub-reactions such that each has at most a single copy of DNA. By counting the number of positive reactions after PCR, the number of copies of DNA present in the sample can be directly enumerated.

  • Clarity™ digital PCR system offers a new paradigm in the absolute quantification of target nucleic acids with high precision, accuracy and sensitivity.
  • The property “chip-in-a-tube strip” simplifies the cumbersome workflow typically associated with digital PCR by making it quick and easy to load, partition, thermal cycle and detect the reactions.
  • The unique chip-in a-tube design combines the robustness of chip-based partitioning with the ease-of use of a tube-strip.
  • Up to 8 reactions can be run in parallel to yield 80,000 partitions per tubestrip.
  • Clarity™ tube-strips are compatible with most conventional thermal cyclers to allow up to 96 digital PCR reactions per run.

Application Areas

  • Accurate quantification of Illumina® NGS libraries.
  • Copy Number Variation Analysis
  • Food adulteration detection
  • Rare mutation detection
  • Pathogen/ virus detection
  • Gene expression

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