The world’s first automated solution for single-cell genomics research continues to break new ground, now offering more capabilities than ever before. C1 lets you prepare single-cell templates for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression. Reflected in over 100 published studies, the breadth of C1 applications empowers users to survey cell diversity, identify rare cell types and characterize cellular functions, all on the same single-cell biology platform. Investigate tissue heterogeneity with transcript end counting. Use T cell receptor sequencing and other full-length mRNA-seq protocols to recognize isoform- and receptor-specific expression. Examine gene-specific and microRNA expression. Perform epigenetic analysis and identify genomic variants. The C1 system delivers power and flexibility to support you all along your path to discovery

Key Applications

  • Precise: Discover differences in heterogeneous populations with single-cell accuracy
  • Simple: Easily isolate and process individual cells with a streamlined workflow and intuitive interface
  • Fast: Minimize hands-on time with an automated cell-to-data workflow
  • Flexible: Explore applications for analyzing DNA, RNA and chromatin, or build your own applications with C1 Open App

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