Access Array

A modular, flexible targeted DNA sequencing library preparation system

Automate amplicon-based library preparation with the Access Array™ system for up to 48 samples per processing run. Access Array generates next-generation sequencing (NGS)-ready libraries compatible with multiple sequencing platforms including Illumina®, Ion Torrent™, and other NGS systems.

Multiple chemistry options are enabled on Access Array, including Targeted DNA Seq Library Preparation reagents and Access Array reagents.

Key Applications

  • Specific: Enjoy high-quality results with 95% of amplicons mapped to targets.
  • Sensitive: Get the results you want from only 50 ng of input DNA.
  • Accurate: Reduce errors with a streamlined workflow and only 20 minutes of hands-on time.
  • Compatible: Work on all major next-generation sequencing instruments, like the HiSeq®, MiSeq™, and Ion PGM™.

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