ASKION C-line® hermetic storage S

The ASKION C-line® system is a flexible, modularly expandable and fully automatable system approach for all current and future requirements in the field of cryotechnology/biobanking.

In this area, ASKION Looks back upon an long-term experience. The ASKION C-line® system was firstly introduced in 2009 (first Generation). Based on the gained experienced, the second Generation was established successfully on the market in 2012.

The customer satisfaction and the success of the product are reflected by more than 70 installations throughtout the world.

Key Application

  • Configurable for a wide variety of sample formats, eg. Straws, vials, blood bags, etc.
  • Patented hood system with a cryogenic working range of up to -110 ° C in the gas phase of LN2.
  • Two handling procedures with individually heated gloves.
  • Sample storage below -150 ° C in the gas phase of LN2.
  • Lock system for transport containers.
  • Continuous cold chain.
  • No moisture in the low-temperature working area, the HS200 remains ice-free.
  • Integrated barcode scanner (1D / 2D).
  • Modular with internal full automation can be retrofitted at ? -100 ° C.
  • External automation for linking individual storage systems to a fully automated biobank.
  • Sample management controls storage and retrieval processes.
  • Controlled environmental conditions ensure low temperature differences between sample storage and handling.

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