xCELLigence RTCA Systems

Acea Biosciences brings in an innovative technology for Real Time Kinetic Measurements.

Labelling can in some cases either block the active site of target proteins or lead to significant changes in conformation of the protein that affects its function. Label-free assays overcome these deficiencies, reduce assay time and expedite workflow. Real-time, label-free monitoring of cell health and behavior. 96 wells in less than 15 seconds. Maximal physiological relevance.

To improve on specificity, assays need to target genes within the HPV virus that are responsible for the cellular transformation process associated with the development of cervical cancer.

  • The HPV virus is made up of nine different genes.
  • Many of the high risk HPV assays are based on the detection of the L1 DNA gene.
  • Genes E6 and E7 produce mRNA which if overexpressed can lead to cellular transformation, uncontrolled cell division and precursor cancer lesions of the cervix.
  • Assays based on E6/E7 mRNA are more predictive for identifying precursors of cervical cancer than assays based on detection of the L1 DNA gene

Key Applications

  • Quality control of cells (Proliferation and viability)
  • Cell adhesion & Spreading
  • Compound mediated cyto-toxicity/Apoptosis
  • Cell Invasion & Migration

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