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Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling

Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling provides a multiomic solution to your immunology questions. Analyze full length paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, surface protein expression, antigen specificity, and gene expression, all from a single cell.

Capabilities for multiomic readouts

Immune Repertoire Profiling
Understand clonal expansion and diversity by capturing full-length, paired B-cell and T-cell receptors at a single cell level.

Cell Surface Protein
Correlate gene expression measurements with immunophenotyping at a single cell level to better delineate immune cell subsets and functional states.

Antigen Specificity
Assess the specificity of the adaptive immune system at single cell resolution with simultaneous capture of paired T cell receptors and peptide-MHC multimers, or immunoglobulin heavy and light chains and their cognate antigens.

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