AFA Tubes and Vials – Acoustical Cuvettes

Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA™) uses focused bursts of very high frequency, short wavelength acoustic energy, transmitted to a small focal zone within the sample vessel (acoustical cuvette), a critical component and link in the acoustic circuit.

AFA Process Vessels – Acoustical Cuvettes

AFA Process Vessels enable high efficiency, high power, low temperature processing of Formulations and Drug Delivery Systems in Focused-ultrasonicators.

g-TUBE™ for DNA Shearing

g-TUBE is a single-use device that shears genomic DNA into selected fragment sizes ranging from 6 kb to 20 kb. The entire shearing process takes only 3 minutes. Up to 24 samples can be processed simultaneously with high reproducibility using a compatible bench-top centrifuge.


tissueTUBE devices provide closed-vessel cryofracture of biological tissue, which increases sample surface area and enhances nucleic acid extraction. tissueTUBE combined with a glass AFA acoustical cuvette allows for seamless integration of tissue cryofracture with a CryoPrep tissueTUBE Impactor.

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