Helios, a CyTOF System


Mass cytometry has catalyzed the revolution of single-cell proteomics, enabling the most comprehensive understanding of cell phenotypes, signaling pathways and function. Helios™ dawns as the most advanced tool for cellular exploration, with streamlined workflows and multimodal capabilities. It’s system-level biology at single-cell resolution on an accessible, expandable platform designed for breakthrough discovery.

Key Applications

  • Powerful: Gain unprecedented insight with 135 detection channels and the ability to measure more than 40 markers per cell.
  • Revolutionary: Make breakthrough discoveries by simultaneously profiling the phenotype and function of all cells in your system.
  • Complete: Get everything you need from Fluidigm, including Maxpar® metal-conjugated reagents, Helios mass cytometer and Cytobank analysis.

Application Area

Library Prep

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