Femto Pulse


The FEMTO Pulse Automated Pulsed-Field CE Instrument is a novel tool for genomics and molecular biology research. Winner of a 2016 R&D 100 Award, the FEMTO Pulse is shattering analytic barriers for nucleic acid separation and detection. The FEMTO Pulse® is a remarkably flexible instrument. Quantify, qualify, and size DNA and RNA samples with unstoppable accuracy and precision. Perfect for low concentration and/or large size nucleic acid samples, the FEMTO Pulse easily analyzes diverse sample types including: cfDNA, total RNA, genomic DNA, large fragment DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), and more. Using a pulsed-field power supply, the FEMTO Pulse is the first ever parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument able to resolve DNA smears and DNA fragments through 200,000 bp. A meticulously designed optical detection platform enables unprecedented sensitivity, detecting nucleic acids into the lower femtogram range.

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Key Application

  • High sensitivity.
  • Large DNA fragment and smear resolution.
  • 3 sample drawers allow the loading of up to 288 samples.
  • Barcoded Reagents.
  • 12 Capillary Ultra-Short Array (22-40).
  • Pulsed-Field Power supply can function as constant power supply for standard nucleic acid fragments and smears.

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