Trinean is a Belgium based instrumentation company, bringing micro-volume molecular spectroscopy to the next level by combining best in class analytical software with a highly standardized read-out platform. The platforms are complemented with a software toolbox for improved data interpretation and lab-automation.


Revolutionary micro volume US/VIS reader

The Xpose™ 'Touch & Go' reader is a next generation micro-volume QC tool offering high-speed DNA, RNA and proteins quantification and in-depth contamination analysis. Pre-defined apps on the touch screen allow selection of traditional spectroscopy (A260/A280) or advanced spectral content profiling able to quantify isolated bio-samples while determining the amount of impurities present as real content QC.

Xpose slides are used for 2µl sample preparation on any bench and to preserve the sample prior to read-out. Simply insert the slide in the Xpose and avoid the repetitive drop & clean actions leading to a process time of less than 2 minute for 16 samples .

Key Features

  • Compact, all-in-one design
  • Macromolecular QC by spectral content profiling
  • Detect contaminants such as Phenol, EDTA, Isothiocyanate, ssDNA etc
  • Micro-sample loading & preservation up to 2hrs
  • 'Touch & Go' use (1 minute for 16 sampes)
  • Easy data share through printing, USB, WLAN

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Dropsense 96

The Trinean Dropsense™ 96 UV/VIS droplet reader is designed for high throughput quantification of native nucleic acid or protein samples. Combined with its unique microfluidic 96well 2uL DropPlates, micro-volume quantification is made possible in a fully automated workflow. A complete software toolbox is available for detailed sample QC, robot integration and compliance in regulatory environments.

Key Features

  • Macromolecular QC by spectral content profiling- quantify contaminants such as Phenol, EDTA, ssDNA, Thiocyanate etc.
  • 96 samples in 5 minutes
  • Instant full US/VIS spectral analysis
  • Micro-sample loading and preservation upto 2hrs
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliance
  • Integrated into Liquid Handling robots
  • Internal barcode reader option

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