Fluidigm creates and manufactures innovative technologies and life-science tools designed to revolutionize biology through a relentless pursuit of scientific truth. Its core technologies are based on microfluidics and mass cytometry, and enable the exploration and analysis of individual cells, as well as the industrial application of genomics.


The first automated solution for single-cell genomics

The world's first automated solution for single-cell genomics research, the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep system employs our innovative microfluidic technology to rapidly and reliably isolate, process and prepare individual cells for genome and transcriptome analysis. With just one instrument, you can isolate cells, stain them and prepare template for sequencing or qPCR.

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Production-scale throughput with exquisite single-cell sensitivity and consistent results

With the Biomark™ HD system, you get reliable production-scale Real Time PCR throughput and exquisite single-cell sensitivity, with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry choices to accommodate the most genomic applications. Other applications include SNP Genotyping and Digital PCR.

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Efficient, economical end-point PCR results in hours with just minutes of hands-on time

The most efficient system for high sample throughput SNP genotyping, Digital PCR and other end-point PCR applications also allows for extremely low running costs. Plus, the EP1™ system provides the easiest workflow for low- to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping.

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SNP genotyping of challenging samples in three hours with one hands-on step.

Introducing Juno™, a first-of-its-kind revolution that combines preamplification and SNP genotyping into one automated process. Now researchers in genetic health, agrigenomics, sample identification and more can accurately genotype extremely small and challenging samples with minimal hands-on time.

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Superior library preparation on the widest scale with a streamlined workflow and low costs.

Combining the high throughput and low cost benefits of microfluidics with unparalleled PCR performance, the Access Array provides superior quality amplicons for SNP identification, sequence variation and mutation detection across hundreds of samples, taking your DNA from sample to sequence-ready in no time.

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Seamlessly integrating cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level

Dose individual cells under strict environmental control, then immediately prepare them for expression analysis via next-generation sequencing. Image and select only the cells you want and improve your sequencing efficiency with unprecedented experimental reproducibility and standardization.

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An automated, combinatorial cell culture system

It is an integrated microfluidics platform that enables automated cell culture and combinatorial dosing on a single device. It is a separate stand-alone system that supports either bulk or single cell analysis and is upstream in the workflow to the C1, Biomark and CyTOF. It is designed to support cellular reprogramming applications, which are multistage protocols and require long-term cell culture (up to 3-4 weeks or longer).

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Helios, a CyTOF System

Unprecedented insight into biological systems with the world’s most powerful mass cytometer

Mass cytometry has catalyzed the revolution of single-cell proteomics, enabling the most comprehensive understanding of cell phenotypes, signalling pathways and function. Helios™ dawns as the most advanced tool for cellular exploration with streamlined workflows and multimodal capabilities. It’s system-level biology at single-cell resolution, on an accessible, expandable platform designed for breakthrough discovery.

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