The Company ASKION provides world class Cryotechnology/Biobanking(ASKION C-line® system) solutions.  Basically there are 2 devices:

Workbench (WB)

The WB should be seen as a deep cold working room with an optional freezing unit. It could be used for any work on samples in a cold and dry nitrogen atmosphere like repackaging, sorting or simply as a temporary storage. Furthermore several sample types can be frozen in a defined and reproducible way.

Key Features

  • Cold room with adjustable temperature up to -110 ° C
  • Up to three independently operating freezers
  • Freely configurable freezing curves
  • Sample format independent
  • Temperature reference measurement (including sample sensor)
  • Regulated Seeding (targeted triggering of crystallization)
  • Electrically height-adjustable
  • Internal / external bar code scanner
  • Uninterrupted cooling chain
  • Panel PC with touchscreen
  • Two handling operations with individually heatable gloves
  • Soft- and hardware-supported monitoring system
  • Configurable software interface to external programs, eg LIMS / KIS

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C-line® hermetic storage

The ASKION C-line® hermetic storage HS200 product family offers fully automated cryogenic systems at temperatures below -150 ° C up to -190 ° C. The storage takes place in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. The low-temperature storage in conjunction with a sample handling temperature of below -100 ° C ensures a maximum of sample quality over decades. 
Depending on the need for storage capacity, the HS200 can be selected from three different models: 

HS200 S (50,000 & 0.5 ml vials) 
HS200 M (about 200,000 & 0.5 ml vials) 
HS200 L (about 500,000 & 0.5 ml vials)

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