Clare Chemical introduces The Dark Reader ® Technology. It offers Dark reader transilluminators, hand lamps and electrophoresis units.

The DARK READER (DR) is a non-UV transilluminator that uses a novel patented technology to visualize fluorescently stained DNA, proteins and other biological samples. DR devices use a visible light source that excites fluorophors between about 420 and 500 nm. This range includes many popular dyes such as fluorescein, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, AttoPhos, GelStar, Vistra Green, SYPRO Orange and redshifted GFP variants. The DR also works with dyes maximally excited above 500 nm such as rhodamine and ethidium bromide.

Clare Chemical Research currently offers 3 transilluminators:

DR45M: (14 x 21 cm viewing surface) suitable for mini gels and smaller samples.
DR88M: (22 X 25 cm surface) suitable for most standard gels and larger samples.
DR195M: (30 x 46 cm surface) suitable for very large gels.

Included with each Dark Reader transilluminator are an amber viewing screen (which also acts as a camera filter) and a pair of DR glasses. The glasses are particularly useful for cutting bands out of gels. The Dark Reader series is compatible with all imaging systems. Separate camera filters are available if required.

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